IGLP Events Calendar

IGLP Reflections Group

IGLP fellows, visiting researchers, and faculty hosted a discussion group in the Spring 2020 on various themed topics.

IGLP Seminar with Profs. Kennedy and Comaroff – part 1

IGLP hosted the first of a two-part conversation between Prof. David Kennedy and Prof. John Comaroff. The topic of discussion focused on the critical turn in law and legal anthropology, its antecedents, traits, and divergences across the disciplines of law and legal anthropology.

IGLP Discussion Group

A discussion on ‘good scholarship’ – what it is, what it isn’t, and how our position as young scholars is influenced by alternate conceptions of what good scholarship means

Law & Anthropology Reading Group

The group met to read a selection of legal ethnography pieces which seek to grapple with the state-based imaginaries of global life.

Law & Anthropology Reading Group

Speaker event with Prof. Kamari Maxine Clarke. A discussion on Prof. Clarke’s new book, Affective Justice, and about adopting an affect lens in anthropological and ethnographic studies of transnational projects.

Law & Anthropology Reading Group

Speaker event with Dr. Luis Eslava. Drawing on his ethnographic study of international development, the group discussed the benefits of ethnographic lenses, the concept of law, and a global jurisprudence.