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Nuclear Chimeras: Britain’s Slow Death as a Nuclear Power

April 6, 2017

At Harvard University, a public lecture and workshop is being held from April 6-7, 2017 about new nuclear imaginaries. Full Text: NEW NUCLEAR IMAGINARIES APRIL 6-7, 2017 HARVARD UNIVERSITY PUBLIC LECTURE WORKSHOP THURSDAY, APRIL 6 THURSDAY APRIL 6 Harvard Law School, Austin Hall 111 2pm OPENING REMARKS NUCLEAR CHIMERAS: Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard Kennedy School) Andy Stirling (University of Sussex, SPRU) BRITAIN'S SLOW DEATH AS A NUCLEAR POWER 2:15pm SESSION 1: NUCLEAR PASTS AND FUTURES Matthew Bunn (Harvard Kennedy School) Jonathan Porritt Ulrike Felt (University of Vienna) Forum for the Future Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard Kennedy School) Richard Lester (MIT) Andrew Stirling (University of Sussex) WITH COMMENTARY FROM PANELISTS: FRIDAY, APRIL 7 Carol Cohn 9am SESSION 2: CONCEALMENTS UMass Boston Lynn Eden (Stanford University Allison Macfarlane Scott Kemp (MIT) Christopher Lawrence (Harvard, STS Program) George Washington University Rebecca Slayton (Cornell University) Jayita Sarkar Alex Wellerstein (Stevens Institute of Technology) Boston University Daniel Schrag 11am SESSION 3: MEMORY AND FORGETFULNESS Michael Dennis (Naval War College) Harvard University Egle Rindzeviciute (Kingston University) Center for the Environment Kyoko Sato (Stanford University) MODERATED BY: Sonja Schmid (Virginia Tech) Sheila Jasanoff 1:30pm SESSION 4: WASTE AND BURIAL Harvard Kennedy School Rod Ewing (Stanford University) Peter Galison (Harvard University) For more information, visit: Allison Macfarlane (George Washington University) http://sts.hks.harvard.edu Miranda Schreurs (TUM, Munich) 3:30pm SESSION 5: SECURITY AND SUSTAINABILITY DISCOURSES IN THE SPONSORED BY 21ST CENTURY STS GIAP Matthew Bunn Harvard Kennelly School) Sam Weiss Evans (Harvard University) Peter Haas (UMass, Amherst) Steven Miller (Harvard Kennedy School)April 6, 2017 / Cambridge, MA


April 6, 2017
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