2008-2009 Visiting Researchers

Javier Garcia Amez (spain)

Javier Garcia Amez is a researcher in the Administrative law department at the Universidad de Oviedo. Mr. Garcia’s research focuses on environmental liability in the US, particularly on comprehensive environmental response, compensation and liability. He holds a degree in law from the Universidad de Oviedo.

Agustin Madrid (spain)

Agustin Madrid is a full professor of commercial law at the University Pablo de Olavide (Seville) where he has also served as the University’s Secretary General, Head of the Private Law Department and President. Author of numerous articles and books, he holds both an LL.B. and a Doctorate in Law from the Universidad de Sevilla. At the ERLC his research centered on financial system law and electronic commerce law as it related to the sub-prime mortgage markets.

Mark Toufayan (canada)

Mark Toufayan is a Ph.D. candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University (Toronto) where he is the Harley D. Hallett Graduate Scholar and a Jack and Mae Nathanson Graduate Fellow. In addition he is a lecturer on civil law at the University of Ottowa. His research interests include Legal theory, international human rights and law and development. Mark received an LL.M. from NYU Law School in 2004.

Sacha Garben (Netherlands)

Sacha Garben is Ph.D. candidate at the European University Institute in Florence working on her thesis entitled “Higher Education in the European Union – A Legal Analysis.” While at the ELRC her research will focus on the “Bologna Process,” which entails the structural reform of Europe’s higher education systems by introducing the Bachelor/Masters system as a case study of how Europe is moving towards the Anglo-Saxon education model. Sacha earned an LL.M. from the College of Europe in 2006

Raphael Caballero (spain)

Raphael Caballero is a professor of administrative law at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. His research at the ELRC focused on “The State as Regulator and the Control of Regulatory Discretionality.” Professor Caballero earned his Doctor of Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 1997.

Helena Alviar (colombia)

Helena Alviar is Associate Professor and Director of the Doctorate and Master’s in Law Programs at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. She is also a researcher for the USAID-funded project, Improving Land Distribution in Colombia. Alviar, whose research focuses on feminist approaches to law and development, earned her Master’s and Doctorate in Law from Harvard University. In addition she has been awarded with the Colfuturo Scholarship, a Fulbright Fellowship, the Enrique Low Murtra Scholarship, the Lewis Fellowship, and the Byse Fellowship.

Angel Rodriguez (spain)

Angel Rodriguez is a professor of constitutional law at the University of Malaga. His research at the ELRC focused on antiterrorist legislation in Europe and the US. Professor Rodriguez earned his Doctor of Law from the European University Institute in Florence in 1994 for his thesis “National and European Standards of Protection of Human Rights: European Convention on Human Rights as a Source of the Constitutional Adjudication on Freedom of Expression in Spain.”