December 12-13, 2016 in Lewis 214A at Harvard Law School

Authorising the south 1 Authorising the soth 2

This intimate workshop sought to generate a conversation not so much about the Global South, as how it might be possible to speak about the Global South across disciplinary lines in productive and disruptive ways. It brought together those working with postcolonial theory, political economy, law, literature and historiography to tease out the possibility of understanding and unraveling imperial legacies across multiple axes at the same time, to understand how worlds are authored, made, contested and stabilized in particular ways and with particular effects.

The workshop took the form of a plenary roundtable on Monday, where all participants shared their works in progress. The first day ended with a presentation by and discussion with guest scholar, Joseph Slaughter (Columbia University). The second day took the form of a writing workshop during which time participants discussed a number of selected papers.

The Workshop was organized by IGLP affiliated visiting scholars, fellows, students, and visiting professors of Harvard Law School, including Deval Desai, Afroditi Giovanopolou, Christopher Gevers, Adil Khan, Liliana Obregon and Sundhya Pahuja

The Workshop was generously co-sponsored by the Melbourne Law School Institute for International Law and the Humanities. The full program is available here.