IGLP: The Workshop

About the Workshop

The IGLP’s global Workshop brings doctoral, post-doctoral scholars, and junior faculty together with a group of senior IGLP faculty from around the world for a unique series of lectures and intensive interdisciplinary debates. The core of the Workshop is comprised of a series of intensive writing workshops which facilitate peer-to-peer conversations in small groups with careful mentoring from the faculty. The Workshop seeks ways to deepen the network of collaboration among our Workshop Alumni as well as invigorate our core program with new participants and themes. At each workshop we also continue our effort to stimulate new thinking about the legal foundations of global monetary affairs, economic development policy, global political economy and the struggle for social, political and economic justice. While in residence, participants review current scholarly developments, reconsider canonical texts and network with colleagues from across the world. Intensive writing workshops offer participants the opportunity to receive valuable feedback on their own research from their peers and more senior colleagues in small group settings.

In July 2016, The IGLP will hold our next global Workshop in Madrid, Spain. This Workshop will be co-convened by Complutense University of Madrid and generously supported and hosted by Santander Universities at Santander Group City. This initiative builds on the close link between Harvard and Complutense University forged more than twenty-five years ago through the establishment of the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University, a joint venture by our two universities.

Upcoming Regional Workshops will take place in Latin America, including a 2016 Regional Workshop in São Paolo, Brazil at the University of São Paolo and a 2017 Regional Workshop in Bogotá, Colombia at the Universidad de los Andes.

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To read more about past Workshops, visit our past events page.