IGLP: The Conference

IGLP June 2018: The Conference
Call for Panels and Papers

The IGLP is pleased to announce that from June 2-3, 2018, the IGLP will host an international conference at Harvard Law School to showcase innovative thinking about global law and policy.  We look forward to welcoming scholars from around the world who bring new ideas and perspectives to comparative and international legal research and policy.  We invite all those who have participated in our network–and those who would like to join with us–to come to Cambridge and share your ideas. The 2018 Conference will offer the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, meet others who share your intellectual passions, present your research, and engage with innovative scholars from around the world. 

We are currently accepting submissions for IGLP Conference Panels and Conference Papers! If you have an idea for a Panel or are interested in presenting your work at the conference, please fill out the appropriate form. We particularly encourage alumni of past Workshops to submit proposals.

We look forward hosting IGLP alumni and friends, and hope you will find the Conference a useful opportunity to share your ongoing research. The deadline to submit your proposal is March 16, 2018.

IGLP 2018 Conference – Panel Application

IGLP 2018 Conference – Paper Application

June 2018 – Call for Papers:
Corporate Power in Global Society II—Challenging Limits and Expanding Horizons
We welcome proposals from scholars of the corporation and corporate power working in law, political economy, economics, anthropology, sociology, history, geography, management, organizational studies, cultural studies, sex and gender studies, (post) colonial studies, Africana studies, Queer Theory, or other disciplines. More details here. 

To submit a paper proposal, click here and complete the online submission form. The form will require you to include an abstract of no more than 250 words describing the paper you propose to present along with short description of how the paper fits into your broader research.

The Institute encourages academic collaboration among young scholars from across the world, aiming to support a network of scholars and policy makers who share our belief that ideas matter, and our commitment to new voices and viewpoints for thinking about global governance, social justice and economic policy. IGLP: The Conference is typically held every other June at Harvard Law School and is open to all those who are interested in pursuing new thinking about law and global policy, including those who are new to our network as well as IGLP alumni and friends. Our aim is to provide an ongoing opportunity for scholars connected to the Institute to return to Cambridge to present their research, to reconnect with peers from across the globe, and to find new opportunities for collaborative research with other innovative scholars.

We expect many of the discussions at the Conference to continue thinking spawned in streams of investigation begun at our annual Workshops or in the Pro-Seminars we have sponsored.  They include: Comparative Legal Studies; the Corporation in Global Society; Human Rights and Social Justice; Global Science and Technology Studies; Law and Economic Development; International Economic Law and Regulation; Revitalizing Arab and Islamic Legal Traditions; Globalization and Labor; Legal Architecture of Monetary Integration; Private International as Global Governance; and Global Law and Political Economy. The second biennual IGLP Conference was held June 1-2, 2015. The inaugural IGLP Conference was held June 3-4, 2013. Both were held at Harvard Law School.
More information about past IGLP conferences, such as the June 2015 Conference and 2013 Conference, can be found on our Past Events page.