s200_valentina.azarovValentina Azarov
, an Alum of the 2013 IGLP Conference recently published a co-authored policy brief on Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network followed by an op-ed on Foreign Policy.

Palestine gained membership of UNESCO in 2011 but its representatives have not yet made best use of this new status due in part to pressure by Israel and the United States. Al-Shabaka Policy Member Nidal Sliman and Guest Author Valentina Azarov review the value of UNESCO in the quest to fulfill Palestinian rights and to apply the relevant international law instruments to the case of Palestine. They make a compelling argument that Palestine can gain significant practical advantages from its UNESCO membership, including reasserting sovereignty over its land and sea and obliging third states to hold Israel accountable for its obligations…”

The policy brief and op-ed are based on analysis initially published as an article in the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy (Vol 41, 2013)

*Valentina Azarov is an Alum of the IGLP annual conference 2013, and is presently a lecturer in human rights and international law (on leave), Al-Quds Bard College, Al-Quds University, Palestine. She is also an Associate with MATTIN Group, a human rights-based consultancy working on EU-Israel relations, based in Ramallah.