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Welcome to the official website of the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School. Our website is designed to be a portal for researchers, professors, students, fellows, and policy-makers alike, who are seeking innovative approaches for new ways of thinking about international legal and institutional arrangements. We hope the site will help to promote collaboration and sharing among scholars and highlight the latest thinking in the field of global governance, social justice and economic policy.

We encourage all those who are interested to join the IGLP Network where you can receive regular updates and announcements on the new thinking and writing being done by our global network of scholars and policy makers, as well news about job and publication opportunities. Our Resources for Scholars section can be used to discover and share research, syllabi, and experiences in the world of global law and policy. We also encourage you to check back often for updates on our various Workshops and Conferences, including our Annual Workshop on Global Law and Economic Policy.

We hope you will come to find our website to be an invaluable resource for learning about the alternative global governance ideas being discussed and implemented by your peers across around the world.