Gunter Frankenberg, Professor of Public Law, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law, Goethe University, Germany and IGLP advisory council and core faculty member at IGLP: The Workshop in Doha,

is pleased to announce the release of this new book which developed, in part, through conversations with colleagues at the Institute for Global Law & Policy.

Contributors include: H. Alviar García, U. Baxi, P. Dann, J. Eckert, G. Frankenberg, R. Gargarella, F. Hanschmann, J. Hendry, S. Kadelbach, N. Markard, R. Michaels, H.K. Prempeh, R. Rubio Marín, M. Seckelmann, T. Tohidipur

Constitutional orders and legal regimes are established and changed through the importing and exporting of ideas and ideologies, norms, institutions and arguments. The contributions in this book discuss this assumption and address theoretical questions, methodological problems and political projects connected with the transfer of constitutions and law.

Some of the chapters focus on the pathways, risks and side-effects of legal-constitutional transfers in specific situations, such as postcolonial societies and occupied territories. Others follow law beyond the official arenas into systems of legal pluralism, while others analyze how experimentalism generates hybrid constitutional orders.

This interdisciplinary, multi-jurisdictional study will appeal to researchers, academics and advanced students in the fields of comparative constitutional law, comparative law and legal theory.  …More