The Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) is pleased to announce the launch of a new, broad-ranging research initiative in collaboration with Visa Inc. to cover the themes of liquidity in the global economy, productive financial services regulatory structures in emerging markets, and financial inclusion.  Visa International joined IGLP as a major sponsor in 2011.

The new initiative aims to strengthen expertise within IGLP’s global network of experts and young scholars, and to advance thinking about policy alternatives through discussion among scholars, public officials and industry representatives. The collaboration will focus on: foundational research on the nature of global liquidity and capital as legal institutions; financial inclusion and the provision of banking services for the unbanked as an aspect of development policy; and the structure of financial services and related regulatory environments in emerging markets. The initiative also will sponsor ongoing research by scholars associated with the IGLP network.

“We envision a multiyear initiative establishing the Visa/IGLP project as a leading site for research and policy debate about the legal structure of liquidity, financial inclusion and the regulation of financial services in emerging markets,” said Harvard Law School Professor and IGLP Director David Kennedy.

The initiative’s inaugural event will be a policy workshop, which will take place at Harvard Law School on March 30, 2012. The event will bring scholars from the IGLP network into sustained conversation with high-level government officials and industry representatives. More information will be available soon.

Future plans include a research mission and workshop on financial services and development in emerging markets in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), to be co-hosted with regional partner institutions in summer 2012, as well as a major public conference in fall 2012 to culminate the initiative’s first cycle of research. The fall conference will bring scholars, public officials and industry representatives together for discussion of liquidity in the global economy, alternative approaches to financial inclusion, and financial services regulation in emerging markets.

About Visa

Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable digital currency. Underpinning digital currency is one of the world’s most advanced processing networks—VisaNet—that is capable of handling more than 20,000 transaction messages a second, with fraud protection for consumers and guaranteed payment for merchants. Visa is not a bank and does not issue cards, extend credit or set rates and fees for consumers. Visa’s innovations, however, enable its financial institution customers to offer consumers more choices: pay now with debit, ahead of time with prepaid or later with credit products. For more information, visit