The London Review of International Law is now available online!

The issue is completely, freely accessible with articles from Fleur JohnsRalf MichaelsSundhya PahujaUmut Özsu and more. Editors-in-chief: Susan MarksMatt CravenCatriona DrewStephen Humphreys, and Andrew Lang.

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Many of the contributors/editors are IGLP-affiliated scholars joining us as Faculty or Docents at IGLP: The Workshop in Doha. 

The London Review of International Law is a peer-reviewed journal for critical, innovative and cutting-edge scholarship on international law. The journal’s essential mission is to publish high-quality research. At the same time, it is a specific aim of the London Review to support and foster the emergent body of work being undertaken in the areas of international legal theory, international legal history and international socio-legal studies. This work is reshaping the contours of international legal scholarship with profound implications for received enquiries and ideas, and the London Review gives it pride of place.