Thanks to all who attended IGLP’s June 2014 events at Harvard University! Photos of the event have been posted to Facebook, and the link to the photo album is below. Please tag yourselves in the photos, and share with others in the network! 

June 2014 at the IGLP

From June 2-5 2014 the IGLP hosted the following programs at Harvard Law School :

Santander Universities

IGLP Collaborative Research Teams (June 2 & 3) Learn More

IGLP Conferences: (June 2 & 3) Click here for the schedule.

“Corporate Power in Global Society: Explication, Critique, Engagement, Resistance”

“Heterodox Approaches to Islamic Law and Policy”

“Global Legal Thought: The Legacies of Heterodoxy”

The 2014 IGLP Colloquium: Does Heterodoxy Have a Politics? A Method? (June 4-6) Learn More

The 2014 IGLP Pro-Seminar: The Role of Law in Structures of Global Production (June 4-6Learn More

June 2-3, 2014  

Convening our Collaborative Research Groups. In an effort to strengthen the collaborative work of our Workshop alumni, IGLP invited recipients of IGLP Collaborative Research Grants, Santander/Doha Collaborative Grants and 2014 Santander/Doha Collaborative Travel Grants to join us in Cambridge from June 2-3, 2014.    Through these IGLP Research Grants our goal was to encourage the development of progressive and alternative ideas about international law, society and political economy by supporting original, provocative and challenging intellectual work that contributes to the emergence of new approaches to international law and global social justice.  Our aim in June 2014 was to allow these groups an intensive period of face-to-face engagement to strengthen their work together and to facilitate innovative group research and writing projects that deepen the network of collaboration among our HLS Graduate Students, IGLP Workshop alumni, and IGLP faculty.

Research Conferences.  On June 2nd and 3rd, we convened three small conferences to showcase evolving research work being undertaken within the IGLP network. Conferences included:

June 2, 2014: “Corporate Power in Global Society: Explication, Critique, Engagement, Resistance” Convened by Grietje Baars (City Law School, City University London) Dennis Davis (High Court of Cape Town), Dan Danielsen (Northeastern University School of Law) and Andre Spicer (Cass Business School, City University London). Increasingly, concerns are expressed regarding “corporate power” – both in the general media and in scholarly writing. In this one-day interdisciplinary conference hosted by the IGLP Corporation in Global Society research group (in collaboration with The Critical Corporation Project, City University London) we interrogated this notion of “corporate power.”  We accepted proposals from scholars working in law, political economy, economics, sociology, management, cultural studies, anthropology and other disciplines who sought a serious engagement with the questions posed. A selection of the papers presented will be published in a journal special issue.

June 2-3, 2014: “Heterodox Approaches to Islamic Law and Policy”  This conference, convened by Cyra Akila Choudhury (Florida International University) and Vanja Hamzić (School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London), explored current thinking in the field of Islamic Law and Policy. Specifically, it brought together a diverse group of established and emerging scholars to share critical and comparative methodologies and approaches to Islamic law and jurisprudence, and to present research on such topics as: Islamic law and revolution; Muslim political and social movements; heterodox approaches to Islamic economics; Islamic legal theories of personhood; and Islamic jurisprudence. Scholars from fields of law, history, political science, anthropology, economics and other social sciences were encouraged to apply and to address the following subjects:

  • Critical methodologies in Islamic jurisprudence and research;
  • Innovative approaches to Islamic finance and economics;
  • Social and political movements in the Islamic world;
  • Comparative approaches to Islamic law and politics;
  • Islamic legal and social theories of personhood and subjectivity;
  • Heterodox approaches to Islamic criminal law;
  • Comparative approaches to law reform in Muslim-majority countries.

June 3, 2014: Conference: “Global Legal Thought: The Legacies of Heterodoxy” This informal one day conference was convened prior to our June “Colloquium” at the Institute for Global Law and Policy.  The aim was to compare the development and reception of heterodoxy in legal thought in various regions and legal traditions.  The Conference also offered the opportunity to reflect comparatively on Duncan Kennedy’s contributions to American and global legal thought in anticipation of his retirement in 2015.

We convened three two-hour Roundtable discussions over the course of the day, during which legal scholars and intellectuals from a variety of national traditions helped us to start the conversations around a set of themes.  Each Roundtable provided the opportunity to explore two strands or aspects of heterodox and critical work in the legal field through informal discussion among Roundtable participants and those attending the conference.

June 4-6, 2014 

Colloquium_June2014The 2014 IGLP Colloquium.  From June 4-6, 2014, we convened an intensive Colloquium at Harvard for IGLP core faculty, invited guests and docents to strengthen our own work through intensive discussion and engagement with leading scholars from other disciplines.  The 2014 Colloquium explored the history and contemporary potential for heterodox and critical approaches to scholarly work in the social sciences.  Our goal was to engage in a cross-disciplinary conversation about the mechanics of stability and change within and across fields.  Some invited participants offered a genealogy of critique as it has evolved over time in their field; others outlined the methodological predilections characteristic of what have come to be critical interventions in their field, by describing game-changing moments.   We also used this opportunity to brainstorm together about a several ongoing research projects being undertaken by IGLP scholars.   Find more information about the IGLP Colloquium HERE.

Pro_Seminar_June2014The 2014 IGLP Pro-Seminars – Pro-seminars were designed for small groups of scholars engaged in collaboration aimed towards publication.  We invited our Pro-seminar leaders to convene their pro-seminars during the June Colloquium.

 Pro-Seminar: The Role of Law in Structures of Global Production

Conveners—Grietje Baars (City Law School, City University London) Dennis Davis (High Court of Cape Town), Dan Danielsen (Northeastern University School of Law) Jason Jackson (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) and Brishen Rogers (Temple University Beasley School of Law).

First Meeting—June 4-6, 2014, Harvard Law School

This pro-seminar explored the role of law in the construction, operation and governance of global value chains and production networks: structures that have been theorized by sociologists and political economists to map the disaggregated modes of production that comprise much of modern global capitalism. Read more HERE.

Reminder: For all those who were not able to join the IGLP in June 2014 please remember we’ll be hosting our second IGLP: The Conference in June 2015 at Harvard Law School!  Held every other year, IGLP: The Conference brings together scholars and friends working on innovative approaches to global governance, social justice and economic policy for two days of scholarly exchange.   The 2015 IGLP: The Conference will be open to all those who are interested in pursuing new thinking about law and global policy.

About the IGLP

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