Dawood Ahmed, an IGLP Doha Grant Recipient, has recently published several compelling pieces  concerning international law, drones, and human rights.

The first is an essay published in the Yale Journal of International Affairs:

Abstract: The United States has been carrying out drone strikes within Yemen and Pakistan since 2002 and 2004 respectively. Opponents have attempted to halt the use of drones by invoking legal arguments against the United States government. In doing so, they have overlooked the possibility that it may have taken ‘two to drone.’   More…

The second is a op-ed piece in Foreign Policy magazine titled: Can Pakistan legally shoot down U.S. drones?.

You can also read his book review essay in the European Journal of International Law.

Dawood Ahmed is currently in the process of finalizing a piece this summer titled, “Constitutional Islamization: The Surprising Origin and Spread of Islamic Normative Supremacy”  which charts the origin and spread of sharia provisions in constitutions and explores their relationship with human rights provisions.