Tor Krever PhotoTor Krever (London School of Economics), an IGLP Workshop alumni and affiliated scholar recently published his paper International Criminal Law: An Ideology Critique in the Leiden Journal of International Law (Volume 26 / Issue 03 / September 2013, pp 701-723).

The article engages in an ideology critique of international criminal-law texts and discourse in order to interrogate the assumptions undergirding contemporary international criminal-law (ICL) scholarship. It argues that the triumphalism surrounding ICL and its adequacy to deal with conflict and violence ignores the factors and forces – including specific international legal interventions in countries’ political economies – that shape or even help establish the environment from which such conflict and violence emanate. In uncritically celebrating ICL and equating it with a pacific international rule of law, ICL scholarship risks shaping passive acquiescence in the status quo and discouraging more through going efforts to address the systemic forces underlying instances of violence, including political–economic forces shaped by international legal institutions.

Earlier versions of this paper have been presented at past IGLP Workshops.