MC Law

John Haskell, IGLP affiliated scholar and Assistant Professor at the Mississippi College School of Law, is pleased to announce the recently established International and Comparative Law Center.

The International and Comparative Law Center, established in 2011 at MC Law, broadly examines transnational legal regulation in relation to economics, politics, religion, and society. The research agenda of the Center is aimed to foster an interdisciplinary, research-based forum for innovative collaboration and heterodox scholarship by emerging and established scholars from diverse geographic, ideological, and disciplinary perspectives to address the growing challenges facing contemporary global governance. The Center works with the International Law Student Association to organize regular events and support research projects, and also assists in coordinating MC Law’s Summer Abroad program. The Center offers a speaker series  with  lectures from a field of emerging and prominent scholars that address the growing challenges facing contemporary global regulation. The Seminar aspires to provide a forum for scholars to present innovative research into the historic and current state of institutional stakes in transnational law, and to formulate alternative models to governance.