VisaThe IGLP at Harvard Law School is pleased to announce a series of competitive research grants as part of its ongoing research project on liquidity in the global economy, financial services regulation in emerging markets and financial inclusion. The research initiative is supported by the generosity of IGLP’s sponsor VISA, Inc.

Graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty are encouraged to apply. A first set of awards for summer and fall of 2013 will be made on May 1, 2013. The deadline for applications for this round of funding is April 19, 2013. Priority will be given to proposals which aim to generate written work suitable for submission for publication during the summer or autumn of 2013 on the following themes:

  •  Public Policy and financial inclusion. Award eligible research may consider: the range of institutional and political choices available for the provision of financial services to the unbanked; the most appropriate regulatory environment and explicit public policies to encourage equitable and effective financial inclusion, the relationship between financial inclusion and social mobility, equality and economic development. We are particularly interested in comparative assessment of alternative regulatory and business strategies for micro-finances, mobile-based banking, informal banking and women-focused delivery models, with reference to their economic, political and ethical implications.
  • Regulation and the structure of financial services in emerging markets. Award eligible research may consider alternative paths to economic development encouraged by alternative regulatory and institutional environments, including such issues as the relationship between formal and informal banking models, “national champions” and state-sponsored enterprises, and the impact of various regulatory models on small and medium sized enterprises, gender equality and poverty reduction.

Award recipients who complete their papers prior to October 15, 2013 will be eligible for consideration to present their work at a special IGLP/VISA workshop to be held in early 2014, with travel funded by IGLP and VISA, Inc.

We anticipate making both three and six month awards ($5,000-$10,000) for research to be completed during the summer and summer/fall of 2013. Award applicants will also be eligible to submit their completed work for possible publication as an IGLP working paper.

Interested students and scholars should provide a c.v., statement of interest, relevant research or professional experience and a short abstract (maximum 750 words) describing the research they intend to carry out. Applications may be made directly by email to [email protected]