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On August 6th, the on-line independent magazine “Jadalyyapublished a translation done by IGLP contributor Hani Sayed of a firsthand account of the Syrain Mukhabarat’s techniques and what protesters can expect, and what they should know, should they be detained.  Titled “Fear of Arrest” it is a translation of a text that was published on the Facebook page administered by one of the local coordination committees from a neighborhood in Damascus.  The text has this ordinary, almost technocratic, quality to it that makes it extraordinary considering the circumstances.  It is one protester’s attempt to ‘demystify the experience of arrest as an antidote to fear.’

You can read the piece in its entirety HERE

Hani Sayed is Assistant Professor of Law and a member at the Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies at the American University in Cairo.  Before joining AUC in February of 2005, Professor Sayed taught at Brandeis University and worked as a researcher at the Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research. Earlier he practiced law in Damascus and New York. He received his Licence en Droit from Damascus University, a D.E.S. in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, and an S.J.D. from Harvard Law School.  His research interests include Law and Economic Development, International Economic Law, Legal and Political Theory.