In the fall of 2011, the IGLP hosted Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, Former Chancellor of Austria for a series of meetings related to his research project “The Next Left: Globalised Social Democracy in the North and South.”

Dr. Gusenbauer’s Project seeks to examine the state of social democracy today, and to evaluate the ways it could become a driving force for change in the 21st century.

The first meeting of the was held on October 9th for a small group of invited participants including Dr. Ricardo Lagos, the former president of Chile.  The readings for this meeting will include:

Globalization and Developmental Options, by Ricardo Lagos and Osvaldo Rosales

Introduction toBusiness as Usual: The Roots of the Global Financial Meltdown, (Craig Calhoun & Georgi Derluguian, Eds.)

Towards a Progressive Agenda, by Pascal Lamy

The Unsettled Global Trade Architecture, by Martin Khor and Jose Antonio Ocampo

Global Economic Governance, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

New Economic Thinking in Law, IGLP ‘WhitePaper’, 2011

The Reorientation of the Left, in What Should the Left Propose? Roberto Unger, 2006

Two Conceptions of the Left, in What Should the Left Propose? Roberto Unger, 2006

Dr. Gusenbauer served as chancellor from January 2007 to December 2008, has long been active in Austrian government and politics — as a member of Parliament, leader of the Social Democratic Party, chairman of the parliamentary committee for development cooperation, and senior researcher on economic policy, among other posts.   He earned a doctorate in political science from the University of Vienna.