london review of international law coming soon flyer (2)_Page_1 IGLP affiliated scholars, Matthew Craven, Andrew Lang, and Susan Marks are pleased to announce  a call for papers for The London Review of International Law.  The London Review of International Law is a new journal that will be published by Oxford University Press and is encouraging submissions for 2013. In addition to scholarly articles, they will be seeking review essays and writings that include a broad interest in international legal scholarship.

The London Review of International Law is a peer-reviewed journal for critical, innovative and cutting-edge scholarship on international law. The journal’s mission to publish high-quality research and to support and foster the emergent body of work being undertaken in the areas of international legal theory, international legal history and international socio-legal studies. This work is reshaping the contours of international legal scholarship with profound implications for received inquiries  and ideas, and the London Review gives it pride of place.”

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