For centuries, international law has been used to justify, civilize and, on occasions, to constrain the imperial ambitions of powerful international actors. However, many of the thinkers who are still considered the founders of a liberal conception of international law – ranging from Francisco de Vitoria and Francisco Suarez to Emer de Vattel – developed theories and doctrines which contributed to the imperial expansion of their nations and, with it, to the extension of a Christian religious creed in all four corners of the Earth. Even in the 20th Century and, perhaps, also nowadays, the Western influence has oscillated between moments of formal and informal empire in the background of which international law and international legal thought continue, perhaps, to play a determining role.  This workshop will be convened by Prof.Dr. Yolanda Gamarra (Zaragoza) and Dr. Ignacio de la Rasilla, LLM’ 11 (EUI,Florence) and will be held at which is to held at the historical university of Zaragoza (f. 1474) on the 14 & 15 December 2012.