Law & Bound

Law and Boundaries is an interdisciplinary yearly conference that aims to discuss and propose new perspectives on  the challenges the legal discipline is facing regarding its object, its function, its theoretical foundations and  its practical outcomes. This conference is organized by several of our IGLP Alumni and Faculty network from Sciences Po Law, such as Veronica Corcodel, Emmanuelle Le, Mingzhe Zhu, and more!


The conference seeks to create a cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue between students coming from European and foreign universities. The project was initially driven by the feeling that legal scholarship has remained largely silent in the aftermath of the economic crisis, especially concerning the role of lawyers and legal templates.

Another underlying impetus is the concern over the relative absence of European legal scholarship in debates concerning cutting-edge global governance issues. The challenge is to explore how European legal thought can help to understand problems brought about by globalization.

This year the conference will be held in Sciences Po Paris on May 23d and 24th 2013.

The focus of this year’s conference is the idea of “conflicts” and the ways law and the neighboring disciplines account for the notion and its manifestations, particularly when it comes to conflicts embedded within the globalization processes.

We expect young scholars from all disciplines to submit their abstracts (250-300 words) before March 15th. Papers  (max. 7000 words) will be circulated among participants during the conference and should be sent by May 5th. A limited number of papers will be selected for publication.

For full information and to submit an abstract, please visit the Conference website.