IGLP: The Conference: New Directions in Global Thought: IGLP at Five  |  June 3-4, 2013  |  Harvard Law School

Do you have questions about IGLP: The Conference?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.   


Information for Conference Participants

Q.         Who should complete a Conference Acceptance Form, and by what date? 

A.           All presenters, panelists and panel organizers must complete an Acceptance Form by April 15, 2013.  If we do not receive your Acceptance Form by April 15, 2013, your place in the   Conference will not be guaranteed.  If you are attending The Conference as a participant and not a presenter, panelist, or organizer, you do not need to fill out an Acceptance Form.                                                      


Q.         Who is participating in the Conference?

A.         We expect a wide range of scholars from across the world pursuing innovative research on questions of global law and policy.


Q.         How will the Conference program be organized?

A.         The Program will combine plenary discussions with specialized panels.  The Panels have been designed to allow participants to engage deeply with one another on specific topics and to showcase their research.  Panels will have between three (3) and six (6) panelists.  To ensure the opportunity for collective discussion and engagement with new work, we ask each panelist to limit his or her opening remarks introducing research to 10 minutes.

Each panelist will have submitted an abstract of his or her paper which will be available in advance.  Abstracts of 250 words or less should be submitted in the Acceptance Form due April 15, 2013.  In the interests of a diverse and well-balanced program, we have limited each participant to one panel.

A Moderator will introduce the panel, host the discussion and manage the time. The IGLP will assign a moderator to a panel, unless the panel organizer has already identified one for the panel.


Q.         When will we find out what panel we are on?

A.         The final program will be distributed on May 1, 2013.  

Many of the panels have been proposed and organized by IGLP friends and alumni.  In such cases, the person who proposed the panel—the “panel organizer”—will serve as the primary contact for the panel.  Some panel organizers may participate as panelists or moderators—others may prefer simply to enjoy the discussion they have initiated!

We will make every effort to ensure that all participants are assigned to panels permitting the best opportunity for collective discussion and feedback on their research.  If you have been invited to participate by someone organizing a panel, we will make every effort to ensure that you are assigned to that panel.  We may also add participants to panels where good projects have been submitted by scholars who were not on the panel organizer’s original list.


Q.         If I proposed a panel and I find that some participants cannot come, may I invite new people?  May I change the title or description of the panel I    proposed?

A.          We will try to accommodate all such requests received in writing at [email protected] prior to May 1, 2013.  Thereafter, we will not be able to change program assignments.


Q.         Where is the Conference Schedule?

A.         The Schedule will be available on May 1, 2013.  The IGLP will send an email to participants once information becomes available on the Conference webpage.


Q.         Will the IGLP distribute papers at the Conference?

A.         No.  The IGLP will not be distributing papers at the Conference. We will ask each panel presenter for a brief abstract that will be made available electronically.

Panel presenters may also post papers on the IGLP Conference website, which will not be password-protected.  Posted papers will be available publicly and will remain on the IGLP website through the end of the Conference.  If you would like the IGLP to post your paper, please upload it to your Acceptance Form due by April 15, or send it to [email protected] by May 1, 2013.

If you wish to distribute your paper or any handouts at the Conference, it is your responsibility to provide the material to your panelists and/or attendees at the Conference.

Q.          I want to use PowerPoint for my presentation; can I request audio/visual for my panel?

A.          Due to the cost of audio/visual equipment and the need to accommodate multiple sessions simultaneously, the IGLP won’t be able to accommodate every request for media services. You are free to bring your own posters or visual aids to your presentation.  If you must request a/v, please do so in writing by sending an email to [email protected] prior to May 1, 2013.


Q:        I am not presenting a paper and am not on a panel, but still want to attend The Conference as a participant, what should I do? 

A.        If you are not presenting a paper and are not on a panel, you are welcome to attend The Conference as a participant. Please click here to complete our pre-registration form, which will help us plan for your attendance. Registration for participants will be on site at Harvard Law School on June 2, 11:00 AM-8:00 PM and June 3, 2013 beginning at 8:30 AM.  Registration will take place on the first floor of Pound Hall, 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.  Click here for a Harvard Law School campus map.  To attend The Conference, please bring the registration fees, USD $50 for students and USD $100 for faculty, in either cash or check upon your arrival.  Credit cards will not be accepted.
Q:      I am interested in serving as a moderator on a panel.  What should I do?

A.       We are so glad you asked!  The IGLP seeks moderators to introduce panelists and ensure that they adhere to time limits.  This is an exciting opportunity to get involved in our growing program!  Moderators may attend the Conference and their Conference registration fees will be waived. To apply to be a moderator, please click here to complete our application form.

Travel & Accommodations

Q.         Will the IGLP fund my travel to the Conference?

A.         No.  All participants are responsible for funding their own travel to the Conference.  Upon request, we will provide a formal acceptance letter indicating that you have been invited to present at the Conference to support your application for funding from your home institution or other sources.


Q.         Does the IGLP have any funds for travel?

A.         Yes.  The IGLP offers a limited number of Travel Grants for young scholars unable to secure funding from their home university. If you wish to be considered for an IGLP Travel Grant, you must complete an IGLP Travel Grant application and provide evidence of the unavailability of funds from your home university.  Such evidence could include an official email or letter from your university that states that your request for funding has been denied.  We strongly encourage you to apply by April 5, 2013.  Travel Grants will be awarded on a first come-first served basis.  Click here to access the application.

If you do receive a Travel Grant, you will be sent instructions about how to arrange for your flights through the Harvard Travel Office.  Please DO NOT Contact the Travel Office until you receive instructions from the IGLP and are notified that you have received a travel grant.


Q.         What if I need a Visa to enter the United States?

A.         It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold a proper visa.  Obtaining a visa can be a lengthy process, so you should apply as soon as it is reasonably practical.  As an accepted participant to IGLP: The Conference, you can use either the B-1 visa or visa waiver program for your visit.  Please let us know as soon as possible if your home country will require a letter of invitation from the IGLP before they issue you a B-1 visa.  Information about Visas and the type you are eligible for can be found on the U.S. State Department website at http://travel.state.gov/visa/visa_1750.html. Additional information can be found on the Harvard University International Office website at http://www.hio.harvard.edu/.


Q.         Health Care?

A.         It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate health care coverage for your stay in the United States.


Q.         What accommodations will be available?

A.         On-campus accommodations in the Harvard Law School graduate housing are subject to availability and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  One room with a shared bath costs USD$50.00/night for students and USD$100.00/night for faculty and will be available for three nights only, from the evening of June 2 until the morning of June 5, 2013.  Fees will be collected upon check-in on June 2 and June 3, 2013.  You must indicate your need for on-campus accommodations on your Conference Acceptance Form, which must be completed by April 15, 2013.  If you do not indicate your need for on-campus accommodations on your Acceptance Form by April 15, we cannot reserve campus housing for you.

If you need other accommodations, it is your responsibility to find and pay for them.  You will find a list of Harvard Square accommodations here: http://www.harvardsquare.com/accommodations.aspx.  In addition, some people have had luck on Airbnb as well as on Craigslist. Please note that due to commencement activities at Harvard and elsewhere, prices will be high and availability may be limited. Please plan accordingly.

If the IGLP has confirmed that you will be receiving accommodations on-campus,  accommodations will be provided in Hastings Hall (1541 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138), and North Hall (1651 Massachusetts Avenue,  Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138).  Please note that the rooms are furnished but will not be equipped with the usual amenities found in a hotel (such as irons, coffee makers, hair dryers or toiletries) so please remember to bring these items if you need them.


Q.         Will there be meals available?

A.         Meals will be provided for all participants. Please indicate on your Acceptance Form whether you have any dietary restrictions.


Q.         What is the Conference Registration Fee?

A.         Registration fees are USD$100 for faculty and USD$50 for students. Registration fees are waived for all panelists, organizers, and moderators.  Registration fees will be collected at the Conference Registration on June 2 and June 3, 2013.

Other Conference Policies

Accessibility.  The IGLP is committed to making all reasonable arrangements that will allow IGLP’s members to participate in Conference events. All rooms at the Conference are wheelchair accessible. Special services, equipment, or accommodations should be requested in advance of the Conference. Please submit your request when you submit your acceptance form, or by email to [email protected] Participants who require special onsite assistance during the Conference should request such assistance from personnel at registration.

Lost Registration Badge. Your registration badge must be worn at all times during the Conference. Access to the Conference facilities may not be granted to those without proper credentials.

Modification of the Conference Program. IGLP reserves the right to modify the program, which is published as an indication only.

Photography & Filming. Professional photographs, audio, and video may be captured during the Conference. By participating in the conference, participants grant IGLP and its representatives permission to photograph and/or record them at the Conference.

Cancellation. In the event the Conference cannot be held or is postponed due to events beyond the control of IGLP, IGLP shall not be liable to participants for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodations costs, or financial losses.

Questions or Concerns?

E-mail us at [email protected].