Program Partners and Sponsors

The IGLP is particularly grateful to our Sponsors, who continue to show their faith in our efforts to provide a focal point for European, international and comparative law, and economic development study at Harvard Law School.  Click HERE to learn about the Funding and Support Policies of the IGLP.

Leading Sponsors

The Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation Logo

The Qatar Foundation was established with a mission to lead human, social, and economic development of Qatar, through education and research; making Qatar a vanguard for productive change in the region and a role model for the broader international community. As part of its flagship project, Hamad bin Khalifa University, the Foundation is seeking to establish a global law school and research center in Doha, with a mission to become a leader in new thinking about law and governance and to revitalize Arab law and governance traditions. An integral part of its law school project is to contribute to higher education worldwide by convening a global network of young scholars of law and governance, and to place young scholars and aspiring leaders from the region in dialog with global peers. The Foundation aims to extend its global outreach by supporting institutions that share its belief in the values of global dialogue and research, in a way that help the Foundation fulfill its mission. The Foundation now seeks to support the capacity of the IGLP to develop projects and pursue research of interest to the global community and the region.

Santander Universities


Santander Universities, was created by Banco Santander on the conviction that the best way of contributing to growth and economic and social process is by backing the higher education and research system. Banco Santander’s commitment to progress finds its expression in the Santander Universities Global Division, whose activities form the backbone of the bank’s social action and enable it to maintain a stable alliance with the academic world in Latin America, China, United States of America, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Singapore, and Russia. Santander Universities Global Division, a team of more than 2,100 professionals distributed across 17 countries, coordinates and manages Banco Santander’s commitment to higher education. Between 1997 and 2012, Banco Santander channeled $1 billion into sponsorship of academic, research and technological projects in support of higher education. There are now over 1,000 academic institutions receiving support from Banco Santander for the development of academics initiatives including Harvard University and the IGLP.

Santander Universities is the Lead Sponsor of our June Residential Programing at Harvard, including our Colloquium.



Real Colegio Complutense

The Real Colegio Complutense, Cambridge, MA, is a non-profit organization established in 1990 by Complutense Universityof Madrid, Spain in order to foster scholarly and scientific exchange between Harvard University and Spanish universities and institutions. The Real Colegio Complutense is a founding partner of the ELRC. To obtain more information on Complutense University, visit their website at, or contact The Real Colegio Complutense at 26 Trowbridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (Telephone: 617-495-3536 / Fax: 617-496-3401).




J&A Garrigues, S.L.P.

Founded in 1941, J&A Garrigues, S.L.P. is one of the longest established law firms in Spain. During the second half of the twentieth century, J&A Garrigues was a central pillar of the Spanish legal profession and was routinely consulted on all key reforms to Spanish law, particularly during the country’s transition to democracy. Playing key roles in the development of the country and its laws ensured that Garrigues became one of the most knowledgeable and respected law firms in Spain. More information about Garrigues can be found on their website at



Friends of the Institute

Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton

A leading international law firm with 12 offices located in major financial centers around the world, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP has helped shape the globalization of the legal profession for more than 60 years. Their worldwide practice has a proven track record for innovation and providing work of the highest quality to meet the needs of our domestic and international clients. In recognition of the firm’s strong global practice, its effectiveness in dealing with the different business cultures of the countries in which it operates, and its success in multiple jurisdictions, Cleary Gottlieb received Chambers & Partners’ inaugural International Law Firm of the Year award.
To obtain more information, visit their website or contact the New York City’s office at One Liberty Plaza; New York, NY 10006-1470 (Telephone: 212-225-2000 / Fax: 212-225-3999).


Funding & Support Policies

Founded in 2008, the Institute for Global Law and Policy is a collaborative faculty effort to nurture innovative approaches to global policy in the face of a legal and institutional architecture manifestly ill-equipped to address our most urgent global challenges. The IGLP builds on almost twenty years experience at the European Law Research Center (ELRC) at Harvard, which was founded by IGLP Director David Kennedy in 1991.

Over the past two decades the the  ELRC/IGLP has received financial support from foundations, corporations, private donors, international organizations, and government entities. These relationships are vital to the pursuit of our ambitious educational and public interest goals.  We are committed to autonomy in our research and transparency in our relationships. These traits are essential to our continued credibility and success as an institution.  Our funding model is possible due to the robust, strict, and clear policies that govern our association with donors and preserve the Institute’s intellectual independence.

Our research and outreach modes depend substantially on being able to convene and engage parties that span the spectrum of viewpoints, and for our research results to have impact, our work must not only be intellectually rigorous, but also fair and impartial.

To that end, we do not accept grants that limit our ability to carry out research in the way we see fit – free of outside influence and consistent with our organizational mission and values. We do not undertake research or accept funds at the request of outside organizations unless it is consistent with our existing research agenda, mission, and overall philosophy. We are transparent about our funding sources, announcing the receipt of funds through our normal communication channels.

All corporate donors agree to give their funds as unrestricted gifts, for which there is no contractual agreement and no promised products, results, or deliverables. We have experimented with different arrangements at times in the past and have come to believe that this is the most productive approach for both the Institute and our donors.

Foundations, international organizations, government entities, and other non-private entities may offer unrestricted gifts, but in most cases they are required to offer grant funding for sponsored research. The terms of these grants are set forth in contracts negotiated between the donor and Harvard’s Office of Sponsored Programs and include specific parameters such as budget guidelines, timelines, and deliverables.

These policies complement the relevant policies of Harvard Law School and Harvard University. We will continue to review these policies to ensure that we are doing our utmost to maintain the integrity of the IGLP, our work, and our community.