ArcilaLuis Eslava (2014 IGLP Workshop Docent) recently published a four part piece called Dense Struggle: On Ghosts, Law and the Global Order in the blog Critical Legal Thinking.

Luis Eslava is a Lecturer in Law, Kent Law School, The University of Kent and Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne.

In Part One of this four part piece, entitled Dense Struggle (I): Violence and the otherworldly, Eslava asks: “How can we make sense of popular struggles in this period of late capitalist modernity? What do the experiences, voices, and visions of groups involved in such struggles tell us about the actual functioning of our world — a world mined with growing inequalities, ever more intrusive levels of governance and managerial techniques, all of this held together by the increasing ubiquity of law? What does the silencing of such groups — and their refusal to be silenced — teach us about political action in our supposedly disenchanted times? And, more specifically, what can we learn from the arrival of otherworldly forces — a ghost, for example — in their midst?”