siddiqueOsama Siddique, IGLP Workshop Alum and Associate Professor, Department of Law & Policy (LUMS), Pakistan, would like to share his recent article:

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Dr. Osama Siddique, Associate Professor, Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law (SAHSL) has published an article in the Association of American Law Schools’ (AALS) Journal of Legal Education, brought out by the Southwestern Law School, USA. As the leading international periodic academic publication on legal education, the Journal of Legal Education invites prominent legal educationists and scholars from the USA as well as from all over the world to contribute their research on selected themes and is at the forefront of international critical thinking on multiple aspects of global legal education.

His article titled ‘Legal Education in Pakistan: The Domination of Practitioners and the ‘Critically Endangered’ Legal Academic,’ broadly captures and critically evaluates the multiple regulatory, cultural, pedagogical and capacity obstacles historically faced by and currently extant in the legal education domain in Pakistan; the nature, design and outcome of various public and private sector endeavours to revive and upgrade legal education; the distinct trajectory followed by legal education initiatives in neighbouring India; and the current state of play in the country as well as significant imperatives, promises, setbacks and limitations. As one of the primary visionaries and the Founding Chair of the Law & Policy Programme at LUMS, Dr. Siddique also objectively assesses the innovations and achievements on part of the LUMS BA-LL.B Programme and its contributions to the cause of legal education in the country as well as the stark options for qualitative progress or decline that it faces.

Additional themes explored by Dr. Siddique in his research paper include, inter alia, the excessive and dominating role of the legal bars in regulating legal education; the areas of overlap and potential conflict between regulatory powers of the lawyers and the country’s apex education regulator; the social and cultural attitudes in Pakistan towards academics in general and legal academics in particular, especially on part of the lawyer-judge fraternity; the multifarious roles that legal academics ought to play in the country’s democratic, regulatory, policy and institutional reform discourses; the dynamics, political economy, sociology and politics of the Pakistani legal profession; and the aftermath of foreign funded forays into legal professional and educational reforms in Pakistan.

Dr. Siddique’s paper was earlier presented at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the AALS held at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, from January 4-7, 2013 under the theme ‘Global Engagement and the Legal Academy.’ Academic papers presented at that conference further developed in view of the feedback and under rigorous peer review to eventually constitute the current special issue of the Journal of Legal Education.