Edited by: David M. Trubek, Helena Alviar Garcia, Diogo R. Coutinho, Alvaro Santos.

David M. Trubek, Senior Advisory Council member of the IGLP Network and Voss-Bascom Professor of Law Emeritus and a Senior Fellow of the Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy (WAGE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is pleased to announce the publication of “Law and the New Developmental State: The Brazilian Experience in Latin American Context”  (Cambridge Press).

The book explores the emergence of a new developmental state in Latin America and its significance for law and development theory. Contrasting Brazilian experience with Colombia and Mexico, the book underscores the unique features of Brazil’s trajectory and the importance of this experience for understanding the role of law in development today.

Contributors to the book include IGLP affiliated scholars, Helena Alviar Garcia, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Universidad de los Andes, Alvaro Santos, Associate Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, Diogo R. Coutinho, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Sao Paulo, Shunko Rojas, S.J.D candidate, Harvard Law School, and Mario G. Shapiro, Professor of Law at the Law School of the Getulio Vargas.

The content and development of the book emerged out of Professor Trubek’s IGLP Research Project, Law and the New Developmental State (LANDS), which seeks to examine the modern revival of the developmental state and explores relations between the legal order and new state policies in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

To celebrate the publication of this book, the IGLP co-sponsored a 4-day workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil in early July of 2013.  The event featured discussions by IGLP affiliates, Brazilian scholars, and policy makers about Brazil’s development policy and heterodox development strategies and the law.  The event culminated with a writing workshop for graduate students working on issues surrounding the changing roles of state and law in development policies. Support for the Workshop generously provided by the IGLP’s Leading Sponsor Santander Universities.

Read more about this book:  “Law and the New Developmental State: The Brazilian Experience in Latin American Context”.