Luis Eslava, IGLP Alum, is pleased to share his article Istanbul Vignettes: Observing the Everyday Operation of International Law published in the London Review of International Law. The article is a result of his fieldwork in Istanbul, with the support of the Santander-IGLP Doha Grant.

 “Many thanks [to the IGLP] for supporting my research in this and in many other occasions over the last years.” ~Luis Eslava


Through a series of photographic vignettes of everyday life in Istanbul, this article explores international law beyond the exceptional events and sites often associated with it. The article challenges international law’s enframing as a narrow field of action and instead highlights its expansive role in the constitution of our world.

Research project under the Santander-IGLP Doha Grants Program:

Study Space IV: Planning for Disaster: Place, Population, Culture, and the Environment

Luis Eslava, Senior Fellow, Melbourne Law Masters, Melbourne Law School (Australia and Colombia) | IGLP Workshop Docent 2012 -2014.

Luis Eslava used this grant to travel to Istanbul to attend the workshop, “Study Space VI: Planning for Disaster: Place, Population, Culture, and the Environment,” March 31 to April 6, 2013. Study Space VI is a joint project of the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth (Georgia State University College of Law) and Bahçesehir University (Istanbul, Turkey), in cooperation with the Payson Center for International Development (Tulane University Law School). During the workshop, Luis conducted discussion groups and fieldwork visits around Istanbul. As a result of his participation in the workshop, Luis planned to produce an original research paper to be published in a special journal edition. The paper focuses on the challenges and opportunities experienced by urban residents, given Istanbul’s location within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, yet being part of a nation that is in the process of integration to the European Union. The visit to Istanbul and the propoused research paper will further Luis’s ongoing research on the current international attention to local jurisdictions and the everyday operation of international law.

Luis Eslava is a Lecturer in Law at Kent Law School, The University of Kent; Senior Fellow at Melbourne Law School, and International Professor at Universidad Externado de Colombia ∣ Academia PageSSRN Author Page