IGLP Network members Mark ToufayanEmmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet, and Hélène Ruiz Fabri would like to announce the publication of their book “International Law and New Approaches to the Third World: Between Repetition and Renewal.” (in French)

The purpose of this collective work is to question the present existence of the rules of international law relating to the third world under our new globalized context, asking representatives of the anglophone critical current TWAIL (Third World Approaches to International Law) to expose their ideas and their thoughts in this area for the first time to a francophone readership.

“My colleagues Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet, Hélène Ruiz Fabri and myself are very excited about the opportunities for further dialogue the book opens up between Francophone and Anglophone scholars engaged in Third World critical scholarship in international law” says Toufayan. “There is nothing like it, and we are grateful for [IGLP’s] help in disseminating news about the publication of the book and cheerful support.”