Guenter-Frankenberg-Professor-fuer-OEffentliches-Recht-Der-Verfassungsschutz-muss-auf-den-Pruefstand Günter Frankenberg, Professor of Public Law, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law, Goethe University, Germany and IGLP advisory council and core faculty member at IGLP: The Workshop in Doha, is pleased to announce his recently published an article in the International Journal of Constitutional Law: Human rights and the belief in a just world

Abstract of the paper:

Human rights law has made an astounding career as a globally available vocabulary and narrative for abuses of power, miserable living conditions and a vision of a better world. This success story is challenged by three attempts to unsettle the routines of the overly normativist and romantic discourse: reading the human rights narrative of justification as mythology, ideology, and a story of normalization. The more pragmatic and skeptical assessment is meant to defend the polemical origins of human rights.

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Human rights and the belief in a just world, 12 I.CON [International Journal of Constitutional Law] 35-60 (2014)