The IGLP is pleased to announce updates about two current Santander-IGLP Doha Grant recipients!

For more information about the Santander-IGLP Doha Grants Program, including how to apply, please click here.  The deadline for applications for the next round of grants is May 1, 2013.  Please spread the word!

Nadia Ahmad, Legal Fellow, Sustainable Development Strategies Group (United States), has had her article, “‘Turn on the Lights’: Sustainable Energy Investment and Regulatory Policy: Charting the Hydrokinetic Path in Pakistan” accepted for publication in the Washington and Lee University Journal of Energy, Climate, and the Environment. The article is on SSRN for comment and review:

Additionally, Ahmad had a short piece on oil and gas law updates in Missouri that was published in the 2013 Oil and Gas Law Survey edition of the Texas Wesleyan Law Review. She presented at Texas Wesleyan Law School in Fort Worth, Texas, on the topic of Complications with Transmission Line Easements and is completing an article related to the presentation entitled, “Reconceptualizing Energy Easements,” which she will submit to law reviews for publication in August 2013.

She is also finalizing a piece this month entitled, “Meta-Regulation for Corporate Sustainability Reporting,” which she had presented at George Washington University in December.

The Santander-IGLP Doha Grant is supporting her research on regulatory and governance mechanisms to analyze the consequences of biofuel production. Her research also evaluates the Islamic perspective on sustainability and economic jurisprudence principles as it relates to energy development. The project aims to look at how agricultural demands for food cultivation may be undercut by ramped up biofuel production with a focus on Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, and Kuwait. Ahmad plans to submit her article for publication by September 1, 2013.

Dawood Ahmed, JSD Candidate, University of Chicago (Pakistan), has had his article “Defending Weak States Against the ‘Unwilling or Unable’ Doctrine of Self-Defense” accepted for publication in the Journal of International Law and International Relations (Toronto).  The article is available on SSRN:

He has also published his article “Let’s Give Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law a Break” in the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs:

Ahmed’s Doha Grant is supporting research related to his project “An Analysis of ‘Shariah Clauses’ in the Constitutions of Muslim Majority Countries,” which aims to contribute to scholarship on comparative constitutional design.  It will initially undertake a comparative analysis of the constitutions of selected Muslim majority countries to analyze and understand the origins of sharia provisions, their evolution and relationship with human rights provisions in constitutions.

Both Nadia Ahmad and Dawood Ahmed participated in IGLP’s Workshop in Doha in January 2013, and will be speaking on panels in IGLP’s 2013 Conference at Harvard Law School this June.  The IGLP is pleased to support their ongoing research. Congratulations Nadia Ahmad and Dawood Ahmed!

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