Call for Proposals for the new Collaborative Research Grants for the Study of Comparative Arab and Islamic Law!


The IGLP is pleased to announce a new collaborative research grant program made possible through the generosity of our Leading Sponsor, Santander Universities.  Santander/IGLP Doha Grants will support research by IGLP alumni and faculty developing new thinking and innovative scholarship aiming to revitalize the Arab and Islamic traditions of law and governance and to explore issues of comparative law, global law and policy of relevance to Qatar, the Middle East, and North African region.

We are now accepting applications for the following grants:

Individual grants:  to support research and writing by individual scholars.  Could include funding for travel, research support or publication and dissemination of results.  Maximum award: $3000.

Collaborative grants: to support research and writing by collaborative teams of IGLP alumni and/or faculty.  Grants could include funding for convening the team, supporting research by team members or dissemination of results.  Maximum award $5000.

Research project grants: to support sustained efforts by collaborative teams convened by  IGLP faculty members to develop and disseminate new thinking aiming to renew our understanding of the Arab and Islamic traditions and/or issues of comparative and global law or policy of relevance to Qatar and the MENA region.  Grants could include funding for conferences, workshops, translation or publication.  Maximum award: $25,000.

How to apply: Grant applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the IGLP Grants Committee.  We anticipate announcing a first set of awards at IGLP: The Workshop to be held in Doha from January 5-14, 2013.  The deadline for this first round of awards is December 3, 2012.  Applications should include a statement of purpose outlining the proposed research, an indication of the activities to be supported, the research outcomes to be expected, a budget, the curriculum vitae for all proposed participants, and an indication of each participants’ prior affiliation with the IGLP, if any.  Applications will be reviewed after all of the necessary information has been received.  Please click here to submit your application.  If you have questions, please send an email to [email protected].

We are proud of our collaboration with Santander Universities, who have supported IGLP and the IGLP Workshop since 2010. Santander Universities  joined the Institute as a Leading Sponsor in 2010. Santander Universities was created by Banco Santander on the conviction that the best way of contributing to growth and economic and social process is by backing the higher education and research system. Banco Santander’s commitment to progress finds its expression in the Santander Universities Global Division, whose activities form the backbone of the bank’s social action and enable it to maintain a stable alliance with the academic world in Latin America, China, USA, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Russia. Santander Universities Global Division, a team of more than 1,900 professionals distributed across 14 countries, coordinates and manages Banco Santander’s commitment to higher education. Between 1996 and 2008, Banco Santander channeled €600 million into sponsorship of academic, research and technological projects in support of higher education. There are now 800 academic institutions receiving support from Banco Santander for the development of academics initiatives including Harvard University and The Institute for Global Law and Policy. Santander Universities is the Lead Sponsor of our June ConferenceColloquium, and Pro-Seminars at Harvard.