Information for Workshop Alumni

The IGLP strongly encourages all alumni who are interested in participating again to apply to future Workshops! We feel that alumni participation is a vital – and fun! – part of each new Workshop program. Returning participants help us deepen the network of collaboration among our faculty and alumni, as well as strengthen the experience for our new participants.

IGLP: The Workshop has been specifically designed to be a progressive experience that builds from one year to the next. The Workshop offers promising young scholars from around the globe opportunities to build collaborative teams and to deepen their thinking through multi-year participation and we hope this type of participation will open the door to a network of friends, colleagues and academic opportunities. At each new Workshop, we will continue to seek ways to establish new network links between our faculty and our returning alumni and ways to encourage new collaborative research initiatives. Each year we will also seek new ways to invigorate our core program with new themes and new participants.

As the IGLP Alumni network continues to expand we will continue to provide new networking opportunities for all of our alumni who may be unable to participate in our Workshops or Colloquia but would like to continue to engage and collaborate with colleagues met through the IGLP.

In addition, the IGLP continues to seek new ways of expanding and enhancing the Workshop experience. The opportunities for alumni to engage with IGLP Faculty and each other – both at the January Doha Workshop and through Programs we will hold at Harvard each June. Opportunities include:

IGLP: The Conference, A biennial event held in June at Harvard Law School | The first IGLP Conference was held June 3-4, 2013 at Harvard Law School. We were pleased to host over three hundred workshop alumni and affiliated faculty who participated as panelists and moderators in nearly sixty panels. IGLP: The Conference will be held every other June at HLS and is open to all IGLP Workshop alumni. Our IGLP Conference was held June 1-2, 2015 at Harvard Law School.

Collaborative Research Grants Program | In 2011 we launched this program to help support collaborative research among our alumni. In 2015 we will continue to expand this program.

IGLP Alumni Travel Grant | In 2012-2013 we were pleased to launch the program to help support our alumni who have been invited to present their work at a conference or workshop outside of their country of residence. Grants typically range from $500 to $1,000 and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. More information can be found HERE.

IGLP Junior Faculty Program | The program is designed specifically for IGLP Alumni. Junior Faculty typically assist one or more Senior Faculty with the organization of a Workshop Stream, convene a Writing Workshop and/or Stream Discussion Group, or speak during a lecture or panel during the January Workshop. Junior Faculty would also be invited to participate in IGLP: The Colloquium which will be held this coming June at Harvard

IGLP: The Pro-Seminars, June, Cambridge | IGLP Pro-Seminars will be convened each June and will not run parallel to the January Workshop. We expect to host a number of active IGLP Pro-Seminars annually. Pro-Seminars are designed for small groups of scholars engaged in collaboration aiming towards publication. IGLP Pro-Seminars typically consist of 10-15 scholars, half selected by invitation, and half by application who are all working on a common topic. Information about our Pro-Seminars can be found HERE.

IGLP: The Colloquium, June, Cambridge | Our annual colloquium focused on a central theme of significance, following the success of our 2013 June Seminar on the political economy of the modern global order. Information about the IGLP Colloquium can be found HERE.

We also routinely post information on Events of Interest to the wider IGLP community on our website (if you have an event to propose for inclusion, please let us know!)

Share your scholarship and update colleagues! The IGLP regularly posts new articles, working papers, and events of interest from the Network on our website, in our newsletter, and online on Facebook and Twitter. We encourage you to send us scholarship and research news you would like to share.