IGLP believes and promotes inter-, multi-, and counter-disciplinarity. In such spirit, IGLP co-sponsored a one-in-its-kind event, hosted by the Kennedy School of Government and co-ordinated by IGLP Faculty – James Parker. Led by Veit Erlmann, the workshop explored the juridical dimensions of sound. Much of the law is about “listening”, but can we think of acoustic dimensions of law and justice? Such acoustic dimension allows to open a trans-disciplinary dialogue across a broad range of different studies, ranging from law to music, passing through classics and STS. The day-long event took place on December 6th, 2017 and featured Carolyn Abbate, Martin Daughtry, Wayne Marshall, Sheila Jasanoff, Naomi Weiss, Peter McMurray, Daniel Walden, Suzanne Paszkowski, and Nadia Christidi. Prof. David Kennedy offered some conclusive reflections.

More about the event: http://sts.hks.harvard.edu/events/workshops/acoustic-justice

More about Veit Erlmann: https://music.utexas.edu/about/people/erlmann-veit