An IGLP Approach for Panel Moderators

All of us present our work in a variety of settings. Although we all say we want to contribute to a discussion and look forward to feedback, all too often we fail to present our work in a way that encourages discussion or even leaves time for feedback. At the IGLP Conference, we will encourage everyone to do a better job. Here are some tips – and policies.

Before the Panel

The Moderator should help ensure that each panelist has his or her name card, which will be available in the panel room.

Opening remarks

The Moderator will have up to five minutes to introduce all members of the panel and their papers.

Panel presentations

All panel presenters will be strictly limited to ten minutes for opening remarks. As a Moderator, we are asking you to be ruthless on timekeeping. Moderators will have a set of IGLP time cards to indicate clearly to speakers when there remain ten minutes, five minutes, two minutes and zero minutes. Please also be sure to bring a watch or sit in a place where you can see a clock.

General Discussion

In a 90 minute panel with five presenters, 30 minutes will remain for discussion. The goal is to encourage spirited discussion of the larger theme or issue posed by the panel, drawing on the presentations and on the work of others who may be in the room. To this end, we recommend not using this time for specific questions directed toward individual panelists. Individualized comments and questions are often better addressed to a speaker after a panel has concluded and one has time to engage informally in a direct conversation.

We  give each moderator the option to open the discussion by reflecting for up to five minutes on one or two cross cutting themes linking or distinguishing the papers and which may be interesting to discuss. The Moderator will ask the audience NOT to ask specific questions of individual panelists, but to engage the panelists and one another on the larger themes.