About the Network

The Institute for Global Law and Policy encourages academic collaboration and progressive research to nurture alternative ideas about international law, society, and political economy. Over the few last years, we have developed an expansive global network of scholars and policy makers who share our belief that ideas matter, and our commitment to new voices and viewpoints for thinking about global governance, social justice and economic policy. Our common goal is to better understand how power is exercised in the world today, and how original and critical thinking can transform the ways in which policy experts, intellectual leaders and citizens understand our common global situation.

Members of the IGLP community are encouraged to reach out to the IGLP staff  to share their work, syllabi and their ideas through the Network News, or New Thinking/New Writing sections of our website.

The community can also connect with each other by posting on IGLP’s Facebook, following us on Twitter, becoming a member of our LinkedIn Group and by signing up to join our Mailing List.