2020 IGLP Scholars Workshop

Due to the ongoing health crisis, the 2020 IGLP Scholars Workshop has unfortunately been cancelled.

Please check back for information on future events.

About the Workshop

The IGLP Scholars Workshop is an intensive, regionally-focused residential program that brings together an international cohort of young doctoral scholars, post-doctoral scholars and junior faculty for intensive collaboration, mentoring, and cross-training.

IGLP’s signature Workshops aims to strengthen the next generation of scholars by placing them in collaboration with their global peers as they develop innovative ideas and alternative approaches to issues of global law, economic policy, social justice and governance. The 2020 IGLP Scholars Workshop focuses on how these issues related to ongoing legal and policy debates throughout Asia and across the world, while offering unparalleled opportunities to strengthen participants’ writing and research.

The Application

We encourage participation from scholars across Asia and worldwide who would benefit from intensive collaboration with their global peers and IGLP’s junior and senior faculty.  

The Format

The IGLP Workshop offers a unique scholarly format. The core Workshop experience offers the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer mentoring and cross-collaboration with global colleagues while strengthening and further developing an unfinished research project in our signature Writing Workshops. Admitted participants have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in “streams,” intensive mini-courses led by IGLP faculty, to review current scholarly developments and reconsider canonical texts
  • Attend plenary roundtables and lectures on engaging topics related to global law and policy
  • Learn IGLP’s methodology for offering feedback, presenting research, and more
  • Participate in cultural and networking events

The Writing Workshops

Intensive writing workshops form the core of the IGLP Scholars Workshop. These workshops are organized to promote learning from others working on similar projects as well as to promote cross training by engaging with projects different from one’s own.

Each day, participants meet in small groups to share their own scholarship and discuss their ongoing research. This small-group format allows participants to engage on a one-on-one basis with their peers and specialist faculty members, as well as to share ideas and receive feedback on their work. Participants will be assigned to a group and paired with a partner to comment on each other’s projects. Each of the writing workshop groups are led by a member of IGLP’s Faculty and a member of the Senior Faculty will also offer feedback.

The Streams

Please stay tuned – The 2020 Workshop Streams and Faculty will be announced soon. 

 Thailand Institute of Justice Workshop for Emerging Leaders

The Thailand Institute of Justice and the IGLP convene a concurrent workshop for selected emerging policy professionals during the IGLP Scholars Workshop. Together, the two Workshops offer a unique environment for discussion between policy professionals and the most innovative young scholars undertaking research in their respective fields.

The TIJ Workshop for Emerging Leaders offers a unique opportunity for practitioners from different sectors to engage with their global peers in policy dialogue facilitated by a network of international and interdisciplinary faculty from the TIJ and the Institute for Global Law & Policy at Harvard Law School. This intensive week is designed exclusively for young and successful professionals to unlock the complex and dynamic linkages between the rule of law and policy making processes in the economic, political and social development at local, regional and international levels.

Like the IGLP Workshop, the TIJ Workshop focuses on peer-to-peer learning and the necessary skills for understanding the policies and initiatives that affect their lives and the world at large, while drawing upon the rule of law as a guiding framework. Participants have the opportunity to work with colleagues in TIJ Policy Workshop Teams to share their practical or policy experiences, brainstorm a range of innovative approaches to familiar challenges, and benefit from peer-to-peer engagement with guidance and mentoring from experienced faculty. They also participate in TIJ-IGLP streams offered by IGLP faculty to review current scholarly developments and engage in case-based learning while engaging with young scholars of law and policy from around the world.

About the Host and Sponsor

The Thailand TIJInstitute of Justice (TIJ) aims to promote excellence in research and capacity-building in crime and justice. Building on Thailand’s engagement in the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and the UN Crime Congresses, TIJ serves as a bridge that transports global ideas to local practice, including in enhancing domestic justice reform and the rules-based community within the ASEAN region. TIJ’s primary objectives are to promote the implementation of the United Nations Rules for the treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the Bangkok Rules) as well as other relevant UN standards and norms, especially those related to women and children. TIJ also gears its work towards important cross-cutting issues on the UN agenda such as the rule of law, development, human rights, and peace and security.